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At normal temperature, nfpa 2001 clean agent FK-5-1-12 is colorless, transparent and insulating liquid. it is the novel environmental harmonic and clean extinguishing agent. Noah庐5112 is listed in standard documents such as ISO14520-2006 Physical Characteristics of Gas Extinguishing System, the System Design, NFPA2001 Design Specification of Clean Gas Extinguishing System, and the application-design of the product is normatively described.
FK-5-1-12 nfpa 2001 clean agent is a novel substitution of halon extinguishing agent. It helps engineers and facility managers meet environmental regulations while helping ensure the safety of people, reduce risks and preserve business operations with minimal downtime. It features zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1. FK-5-1-12 also has the largest safety margin for use in occupied spaces of all clean agents. It effectively extinguishes fire faster than inert gas or water mist systems, requires less volume of fluid and is safe for use with electronics.
鈼?strong>Potential for Reducing GHG Emissions
The fire protection industry has made considerable progress in reducing emissions from the relatively high levels experienced during the use of halon. However, the high GWP of the HFCs used in these applications combined with their growing installed base, results in continually increasing greenhouse gas emissions. A single discharge of an average sized fire protection system containing HFCs is meaningful in itself. Based upon an average sized Halon 1301 system containing 200kg, an equivalent sized system using, for example, HFC-227ea, contains approximately 347 kg of agent. A GWP of 3350 results in CO2 equivalent emissions of 1,160,000 kg when this HFC agent is discharged. This is equivalent to the emissions from more than 240 typical automobiles in the USA driven for an entire year!
Discharge of a fire protection system using Noah庐5112 fluid in place of an HFC extinguishing agent results in significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the dramatically lower GWP, greenhouse gas emissions from discharge of Noah庐5112 fluid are reduced by more than 99.9% compared to any of the HFCs used in fire protection. As a result, Noah庐5112 fluid is a low GWP alternative that can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in fire protection applications and help to further the environmental goals of the industry.
Excellent environmental
protection performanceNoah庐5112 meets the most stringent international environmental regulations
High fire-extinguishing efficiencyMinimum extinguishing concentration: 3.5% for Type A fire, 4.5% for Type B fire
Safe to useThe extinguishing concentration is much lower than (NOVAL), large safety margin
Good electrical insulationNoah庐5112 has a dielectric strength up to (3mm) 74.6KV and has passed the electrical insulation performance test of 110kV
Good cooling performanceNoah庐5112 has a unique cooling effect after discharge
No residue after useNoah庐5112 volatilizes quickly after use, which will not cause damage to precision instruments, antique calligraphy and paintings
Atmospheric storage, convenient and safe transportationNoah庐5112 is liquid at room temperature, easy for filling, transportation and storage, also transported as normal cargo
鈼?strong>Main application:
1. Noah庐5112 is a green environmental, efficient and clean fire extinguishing agent, can be widely used all over the regional or local regional fire extinguishing system and portable fire extinguisher, especially applicable to electronic control center, computer room, transformer room, power distribution cabinets, wind power equipment room, energy storage power station, high precision instrument, museum, data processing center, ship control rooms, new energy vehicle lithium battery protection and other occasions of fire protection.
2. It can be used as coolant for electronic equipment and protection gas for light metal smelting. It can also be used to replace sulfur hexafluoride for transformer protection.
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